Australia's Premium Yerba Mate Supplier

Australia's Premium Yerba Mate Supplier



100% Organic

All our Yerba Mate and blend products are 100% organic; free from pesticides, herbicides and artificial fertilizers. We believe that natural is better and will never use artificial flavours, colours or preservatives in our products.



Our Yerba Mate is grown in harmony with the natural cycles of the land according to the principles of sustainable agriculture. Each year thousands of native trees are planted as part of a reforestation commitment, to protect the soil and promote biodiversity.



Bombisha is a team run by people committed to living heart-based, compassionate values. Each of us has felt Mate’s unique ability to help access our hearts expression. We created Bombisha to share this with the world.


yerba mate event

Bombisha co-founders demonstrate how to prepare the perfect Mate

Mate Meditations

For all you Materos out there, feel inspired with sharings about all things Yerba Mate, health, love and compassion

Find the next Bombisha Bazaar

Enjoy the full Yerba Mate experience with a community of Mate drinkers. You can find Bombisha at local markets, festivals and all manner of unique locations sharing the Yerba Mate spirit.