Abundance Blend packet
Abundance Blend


Product Number BLEND02

Product Overview

Nature’s heavenly gifts cacao, cardamom, coconut, goji and cinnamon kindle luscious arousal while liquorice root grounds yerba mate’s levity. This is a juicy Abundance blend that will inspire creation! Naturally sweet, so perfect for the beginner.

This is a 150 gram blend that contains certified organic ingredients.

Product Ingredients


Organic Pure Leaf Yerba Mate

This “liquid vegetable" offers both energy and nutrition - a euphoric high without the crash landing. La Yerba is said to “improve all aspects of performance” - mood, mental and physical abilities, as well as boost immunity and enhance longevity. As the elixir of creativity, Yerba Mate inspires vision and gives us the courage to expand with our dreams. As the “drink of friendship” La Yerba brings us to together where we drink from one vessel and share our hearts. ‘Come fly with me’, Yerba mate whispers to the spirit.

Organic Coconut Flakes

This ‘tree of life’ embodies the essence of giving, providing cultures for thousands of years with shelter, medicine, food and sweet water. The Hindu goddess of well-being and wealth, Lakshmi, is often shown holding a coconut. In the Hainuwele myth from Maluku, a girl emerges from the blossom of a coconut tree. Coconut water was used during World War II in emergency blood transfusions. Coconut offers a rich source of Lauric Acid (antifungal, antimicrobial) in addition to being a great source of dietary fibre.

Organic Cardamon

Revered universally for its sweet warmth, the ‘queen of the spices’ has been used for centuries to help us digest our experiences. Served after a meal, this pod will freshen the breath and ease digestion. As an aromatic, Cardamom has the reputation of arousing the spirit from a depressed state. It is also said to awaken the spleen and stimulate the mind. As a traditional incense and ceremonial spice, cardamom was esteemed in India as an ingredient of curry, breath sweetener and aphrodisiac; and in Arabia as a symbol of hospitality. The Egyptians chewed it to whiten their teeth, while the Romans used it to relieve indulged stomachs. Cardamom enhances experiences facilitating a colourful journey and brings us home sweet home again.

Organic Goji Berries

This little red berry supports us in connecting with loving strength. It has a long tradition in China, being used for thousands of years to boost life-force, virility and beauty. In Tibet, it is known by locals as “longevity fruit”. Containing 18 amino acids, including all the essential amino acids, as well as rich in minerals, vitamins and polysaccharides, Goji gives glow and vitality and a spring to one’s step. there is an old tale of a well under a goji vine that was said to possess youth-restoring waters.

Organic Cacao Nibs

A euphoric and arousing food and medicine, cacao beans have literally been the most revered of all rainforest foods for thousands of years, throughout civilisations, used in shamanic rituals and for health and strength. Cacao is the most pharmacologically complex food source in the known Amazon jungle loaded with mg, antioxidants and mood-enhancing nutrients. The lengths humanity continues to go to in the name of this magic tree, says enough. These cacao nibs are sustainably sourced from Satipo in the Peruvian Amazon. They are eaten raw to preserve their powerful antioxidant properties which both physically and energetically support the health of the heart.

Organic Cinnamon

‘Sweet wood’, Cinnamon has been treasured from remote antiquity, regarded as a gift fit for the Gods. In ancient Egypt cinnamon was used in embalming, where body cavities were filled with spiced preservatives. This special tree enparts its strength, helping us connect with our own inner power, and expand our creative sexual force. Cinnamon has also been know to balance blood sugar, relief toothache, bad breath, stave off common cold, aid digestion, harmonise the flow of circulation, strengthen the heart and warm the kidneys.

Organic Liquorice Root

"Sweet root” from the deep earthy realms, liquorice is a harmoniser in traditional Chinese medicine and a major Qi energy tonic. A popular drink in Egypt since the time of the Pharaohs. Ancient Hindus used it to increase sexual vigour. Liquorice helps us ground and get to the “root” of the matter, sweetly calming the mind and nurturing the spirit. Valuable in these times, Liquorice is synonymous with the adrenal's, offering support with stress and exhaustion. Also associated with liquorice are the words cooling, rejuvenating, nutritive, beautifying, longevity, vitality, digestive, soothing and aphrodisiac.

Organic Vanilla

“Black flower” to the Aztecs, this sweet aphrodisiac awakens the heart’s desire. Vanilla is an aromatic stimulant that powerfully influences brain chemistry. It has been know to calm feelings of anger and other negative emotions as well as relieve anxiety and restlessness. There is an alluring femininity to this heavenly gift.